Crafty Gardeny Stuff

I fiddled around with some plants and pots the other day.
Totally simple crafts to add a little garden feel to you front porch or back patio.

I dry brushed the pots with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Ironstone.

Then glued a little moss to the edges.

The succulent planter is stolen straight from the pages of pinterest.
It's a bunt pan from the thrift store.
The point is, you place it on your outdoor table and your umbrella slides right through the whole in the
bunt pan.
I love it.
I don't have an outdoor table, or umbrella.
I love it anyhow.

So there.
Wamm bamm, thank you mame. Your outdoor patio looks 
like your a totally crafty girl.


  1. Love all the pots and how you used them. Just perfect :)

  2. Love the idea for using the inverted clay pots to hold the big fat candles. Good job!

  3. Great bundt pan project, think I might give it a try! Love the inverted pots too!

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