{ Porch - Before & After }

A little while ago I posted some pictures of my back porch...
which I can't wait to start using again!
{you can see more of the porch if you click the picture below}

then, BONUS! I found this picture from when we bought our house.
This was the listing photo.

jealous, huh?
I know.
Here is the porch now.
Or at least when the snow melts and the sun is out.

You can also see a ton of great images that were taken of my porch in 
Vintage Style's Spring issue.
The photographers take WAY better photos that I do!


  1. We are beginning work on our own screened porch & I've pinned alot of images of yours for inspiration. I even have our family heirloom baby bed

    I plan to use on it. My favorite feature - a nice big 60 inch pass through from the kitchen with a serving ledge, I'm so very excited !

  2. Darling space! I would love to have a screened back porch. Heck, I would be happy just to have a back porch!! I put a patio space on the back of the house after I moved in and I enjoy using it in the spring, summer and fall but it would be lovely to have a space that would be mosquito-free and a place to read on warm, rainy days. I could be very happy with a book and a glass of iced tea curled up on your vintage baby crib settee!

  3. What a beautiful space, I love the quilts in the background.

  4. amazing! what a difference! i am pinning it- so cozy!

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