{ Chalkboard Paint }

Each week I spend lot's of time in my garage creating and painting. Sometimes I'll clean up a vintage piece like the goose neck lamp above. Or wipe down some soda crates (hello...lego storage) and metal tins.

I'll also upcycle some discarded items. Like the single drawer pictured above. I lined the inside with vintage music sheets. It's a great catch-all for a coffee table, or for magazine storage under a bed. You could even mount it on a wall for a creative shelf.

Besides the cleaning this week, I used lot's and lot's of chalkboard paint.

I used the paint on furniture and frames. (49 frames to be exact)

All these items can be purchased at 3 different locations.

  1. Clover Market in Chestnut Hill Philadelphia
  2. the Pop Up Shop at my house (details below)
  3. Serendipity in Doylestown, PA.


10-5 pm
rain or shine

my house - message me at PaintedHome@gmail.com
for details

33 S. Main St.
Doylestown, PA

Where will I find you shopping for treasures?
Want more?
Me too. Stay tune for more locations to be announced!


  1. what do you paint the chalkboard paint onto for the frames??

  2. I was wondering if you've ever used chalkboard spray paint... I recently bought a can for a few small projects I had in mind but was worried it wouldn't achieve the desired effect.


    Jackie @ Let's Go Thrifting

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  4. This is really a nice thing that I could see above. I really liked this painting task and I would love to try something similar at my home as well.

  5. I am just stopped to visit your website and I say a great visit anda very good..

  6. I like the table a lot. This looks like an antique thing to me and I would love to have it with me.



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