{ Planning a Tail Gate Party }

I love autumn.
Your skin still has a little tan from summer, you hair doesn't frizz, and there's still lot's of color in the trees.
The weather seems perfect. Not to hot. Not too chilly.
Just makes you want to have an outdoor party.
So, I searched the internet for inspiration.
And, I'm happy to share what I've found...as long as you invite me.

To keep the party stress-free have everyone contribute. These adorable invites say it all.

Keep things super simple by serving lot's of hand-held foods. This keeps the amount of paper plates and utensils to a minimum.
Try these yumm-ga-bumm sandwiches from Southern Living.

And keep the desserts bite sized.

You know I can't have a party without a little diy project... Simple, cute, and functional.

I love a mix and match set of chairs. The more the merrier.
And a burlap table cloth to keep with the rustic feel of Autumn.

Don't forget the bar.
If you're ambitious, create a signature drink for the day.
If you're not, no one will care. But make the bar a show stopper anyhow. 

If you're lucky enough to call this home, I definitely want an invite to the party.

Ans last, but not least. The fall wardrobe...my favorite season for clothing. 
I'm an Autumn. I look good in warm colors. So it's my season to let my fat butt shine. 
(unfortunately, this is not a picture of me. But let's pretend it is. "Hi, welcome to the tail gate party. I just threw this little outfit together.")

Don't forget a scarf. Instant outfit.

And HELLO. Cabela's isn't just for boys. These are on my list for Fall.

So, there you have it. Fun for all.
Go call your friends and start planning.
Before you know it you'll be stressing about Christmas... and be pasty white.


  1. i love fall! i love parties! and i love vintage trucks full of pumpkins!

  2. I am so ready for fall. Only problem is - it is still 100+ degrees in Dallas, TX - sort of puts a bummer on things. Oh, well, I can sit inside and pretend it is fall! LOL!! I found your blog through Google+ and I am now your newest follower on GFC!
    Thanks, Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

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