{ Creating an UpCycled Light Fixture }

On Wednesday morning I had the chance to check out Brad's Lucent Lampworks workshop.

It. Was. Amazing.
We started off our project with these little bunsen burners. (which I thought were lawn sprinklers at first)
Brad has a ton of vintage items he plans on turning into light fixtures, so definitely check out his etsy page for some great pendants, flush mount and lamps.
It's amazing how his creative mind works.

Before I knew it, Brad was cuting wire, twisting, turning, and voile. The lamp was ready.

Brad let me choose what color cord to add to the lamp.
There were great cords to choose from, but in the end I picked gold.

 We both agreed the vintage Edison bulb was the best choice for the bulb.

Here's the finished light. Isn't it the cutest thing? Perfect to set on a desk top or as a accent light on a kitchen counter.
A fabulous conversation piece.
It's for sale at my spot in Serendipity if you'd like to make it your own.

Brad has a ton more vintage items he plans on turning into light fixtures. Things I never even would have thought of. Like this spool of the most marvelous colored thread...

isn't it the best? He plans on turning it into the base of a lamp.
There tons more vintage items around Brad's workshop too, just waiting for him to turn it into something fabulous.

I was very impressed with Brad's pre-made backdrops. Hmm, something I should think about.
Check these out...

There was so much goodness to take in at the Lucent Lampwork's Workshop, that I could take photos of just about anything and they look like a work of art...

If you saw something you like on Lucent Lampwork's etsy shop, use this special discount code TPH10OFF for a special discount.

Thanks for having me Brad. It was a real treat!


  1. Hey Denise,
    It was great doing that with you on Weds! Thank you for the feature and we need to go hit the sales someday soon! All the best!

  2. if we ever get our porch wired, i want to take the yellow egg basket i have that is just like that and make it the light for above our table! so fun!



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