{ Interns needed }

The Painted Home is growing more and more everyday and I'd love to have an intern or two around here to help keep the ball rolling.
So, it only seems natural to look for someone through my website, right?

Do you know someone who might fit the description? Here's what I'm looking for...

  • someone with PR/Marketing experience
  • great customer service skills
  • creative with exceptional writing abilities
  • someone who knows and understands social media sites and how to use them for marketing and advertising      

  • flexible hours
  • well organized, independent, motivated person
  • able to communicate with clients, producers, networks, magazine editors, manufacturers, etc...

I'm looking for someone who is 
  • Self motivated and professional.
  • Willing to take in an auction every now and then.
  • Someone who isn't afraid to get their hands dirty when loading the van with a side of the road treasure, and a lover of vintage wouldn't hurt either.

Working at The Painted Home is a little like Bethanney Ever After. Only not as skinny and nowhere near as wealthy. But, I promise I will never make you pose for a photo shoot in lingerie. 

This is the perfect opportunity for a college student on summer break.
If you know someone that might be interested and is located around the Philadelphia Suburbs,
please have them email me,


  1. Darnit. I was all ready to move to the Philly area till I read there would be no lingerie photos.

    Stopping over from Ms. Doos to snoop around.


  2. The commute would do me in.

    I love the white cabinet with the red top in your header. I just might have to copy that idea.



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