{ Adding Artwork in the Kitchen }

I'm going to let you in on a little secret about how I decorate my home.
I buy what catches my eye, THEN I find a place for it.
It's as simple as that. If I sought out every piece in my home and was very specific about what I wanted to go where, I would not have much going on in here.
I don't have a large enough wallet to be picky.

Of course every now and then, I think of an item I would like to put in a certain spot, but for the majority of of the time. This place is pulled together by dumb luck.

I found this framed oil painting at an auction recently. I'm pretty sure I didn't pay more than $1. for it.
There was no one bidding against me.

So, how could I not leave with it.

Even if I just kept it for the frame, it's worth $1.

I like it here on the backside of my penninsula. My children will knock it down at least 200 times before I throw in the towel.
But I won't get rid of it. I'll just hang it somewhere else.
And that is what you call decorating on a budget.


  1. The painting is very pretty, I can see why you snapped it up! I wish I had your luck in spotting the perfect pieces for my home. What I think is right, rarely is! I just packed up a box of things I just can't find the right place for. I'll store it away and have a peek at it once in awhile to see if I have any new ways of using something. I guess you call it purging! lol!


  2. Cool post, hard to believe that you only paid a dollar for it! Very cool post, good idea for DIY home improvement!



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