{Mix & Match Bedding}

My girl's room is constantly a mess. So much so that I've given up all hope and usually just close the door.
It's exhausting. I'm wavin' the white flag.

But I have noticed one thing. The crazy mixing and matching of all their stuff is cute.

They're old enough to make their own beds now, and fix there room how ever they like.
Occasionally I'll get a made bed out of them, and I'll tell ya', they done their mama proud.

They even flip over the comforter at the top.

Even their hodge podge way of setting up the pillows rocks.

And what I've noticed, is that everything seems to go together. It all says "Camille" & "Lucy" so perfectly.
There's not less than 7 different patterns going on on their beds, all bought at different times, yet they all flow.

So, the moral of this story is buy what you love. Not what you think is trendy or hip at the time (unless of course that's what you love).
As long as you love it, it will "go".

Here's a little more of those sweet darlin's room...knicked up walls and all.

(Lucy's littlest pet shop collection in a glass OWL cookie jar that was left at our back door one day)


  1. i love mix and match bedding- your girls area is adorable and blended perfectly! we have mix and match on almost every bed, with the exception only of sawyer's star wars bedding, but he has some fun throw pillows mixed in, too. i don't like things to look too out of the box!

  2. Love it and sort of looks so old fashioned, everything just goes so well!

    1. thanks! every room looks better with a made bed, right?

  3. I agree, I think it all looks terrific together. It looks very designer to me:)

    1. haha, thanks Dawn. mini designers!

  4. It looks cozy and lived in:)..exactly the way the girl's bedrooms look here too:)

  5. LOVE the styling! You've got a great eye. ;)

  6. So sweet! It looks like they have their mother's eye for design.



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