{ Lucy's Owl Birthday }

Lucy turned 7 yesterday. crazy for me.
We had a party last Friday night. We always have house parties  (except for Jonas, 'cause he's a summer baby, so we have his party at the local pool).

Lucy's a big owl lover. She has been for years. So, decorating for her is easy. Owls are everywhere.
For her birthday, we had a owl themed craft night. 'Cause Lucy's crafty too.

Lucy helped me set everything up and even drew the owl on the chalkboard below.

I set up a little "ode to Lucy" area.

We hung up the birthday banner.

and the torn t-shirt garland. (which I happen to love, but no one else seems to. and that cracks me up)

We set up craft supplies in the center of the table and all the kids started off coloring.

TG owls are in, so it wasn't hard to find these cupcake toppers.

The cupcakes needed a little lift, so I popped them on top of a birch log.

The cutest craft was the one I found on pinterest.

they turned out pretty darn awesome.

After the 17 girls arrived, I had no time for pictures. So these are all I have. Not a single one of Lucy.

Ahh, the calm afterwards is pretty nice.

1 comment:

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