{How to Embellished IKEA Curtain Panels}

If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you know that I've been in hot glue heaven.

I'm not much of a sewer, more of a hot gluer.
So here's a simple way you can embellish your curtain panels.

(ALERT: If you're the type to spend hundreds, even thousands on your window treatments, look away. This is not for you. You may have nightmares that someone would even put curtain panels up that do not move, block light, or even provide privacy.)

okay, you hackers still with me? here we go.
Wash & dry the curtain panels.
Take them our of the dryer immediately, or they will look all sloppy like the ones you see here.

I like to rely on gravity, humidity and any other excuse I can make up to assure you that these curtains will eventually loose there crinkles. And if they don't , I think I will somehow survive.

I'll also survive the blinding yellow tone on these photos. blahh. (the hazards of doing projects at night)

Roll out your burlap webbing so it is about 8" longer than your panel. 8" might seem excessive to you, but you can always cut. You can't add any once you've messed it up by cutting too short.

I laid my webbing down so it covered the threads on the hem. (both at the top near the grommet and the side hem) If your panels don't have grommets, then you're good to go all the way to the top of your panel.
Rock on with your bad self.

Line the back edges of your webbing with hot glue and work your way down to the bottom of the panel.

At the bottom of the panel fold your webbing over and hot glue the excess webbing to the back of the panel.
I like the weight it gives the panel.

Yes, there are safety pins holding up the hem of my panels.
Smoke and mirrors baby. Smoke and mirrors.

Here's what the panels looked like before being embellished.

And after.

It's just a touch of a difference. The perfect little accent to my brown panels.

I'll let you in on another little secret. I hide my shark vacuum behind one of the panels.

Wondering where I get all my stuff?
Wwell, some of the goods you've seen in this post can be found at...

The curtains are from IKEA, which in my opinion is the best place to by pre-made curtain panels. Perfectly ready to be embellished.
I get all my burlap fabric supplies from burlapfabric.com of course. The perfect name for a burlap fabric company.

*side note - I was not compensated by IKEA to write this post.
I was sent burlap wedding by BurlapFabric.com to come up with fun DIY projects to show off.
How'd I do?
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  1. Hey Denise! I somehow stumbled across your blog... I'm not sure how... but I love it! How fun! I just read below that you're an alum of Philadelphia University! Me too! Class of 2000... I'm in the suburbs of Philly too and design my own line of American-Made handbags, called The Jesse B. Collection. www.thejessebcollection.com Anyway, I'm happy to have stumbled across your creative posts here. Tks! Jesse

  2. Great job! Safety pins.....duct tape....it's ALL good! And right up my alley for sure!

  3. Your home is so cozy!! I've never been to ikea. The one near us is a two hour drive. It's on my must do list for the spring. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Great job! I love this trick- turns any inexpensive Ikea panel into a more custom look! I also like to cut off the hems and add a contrasting fabric to the bottoms.I also appreciate the fact that you disclosed that the burlap was sent to you gratis-there appears to be an ongoing discussion about truth-isms in the blogging world, and making sure that we maintain our integrity while writing about products- not just endorsing them or adding links because we are being compensated! Well done!

  5. These look great!!! Love the embellishment! Pinning!

    Jenna @ http://rainonatinroof.com

  6. Love doing it with the hot glue, next time I'm at Ikea I'm going to look at their curtain panels, love the trim on yours!

  7. I love it! Great choice for detail! :)

  8. Its a great pleasure reading your post.Its full of information I am looking for and I love to post a comment that "The content of your post is awesome" Great work....thanks



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