{Days off with kids & a scratch and sniff craft project}

okay, so that's a super long title, I know.
Who loves a vacation day in the middle of winter with nothing to do? Me neither.
It's too cold to hang outside, to warm to have a snow day. blahh.

Pinterest to the rescue.

The kids loved it.
It's pretty simple.
Packs of Kool-Aid and 2 tablespoons of water a spoon and some brushes.
You're supposed to use watercolor paper, we didn't have that and the kids survived.

Patient girls...

Start by drawing your masterpiece with a sharpie.

They got right to work happy to be allowed to use the sharpies.

Then the big guns were brought in. Lucy arrived. (She's in the striped shirt on the right)

See her advanced butterfly painting skills?
She didn't even want to do this project. But I guess she was lured in by the aroma of the kool-aid. Who wouldn't be?

All will be well and you'll use up one entire hour of that day off from school.
And end up with a pile of artwork.


  1. The colours look pretty and that was a very productive group of young ladies. I will have to try this with our group at school.

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