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Phew, it's been a whirl wind month. Things have been crazy busy at The Painted Home, so I wanted to get you all caught up with what in the hairy heck is goin' on over here.

First, I am thrilled to be hosting a private shopping event at Impact Thrift Store (in Feasterville, PA).
The event will include breakfast, tips and tricks on how to spot a treasure while thrifting, shopping, giveaways, swag bags, and more shopping. Psst - your all invited. and double psst, it's FREE!

Above is just a small sample of what will be in the swag bags. It's all you'll need to take you Impact purchases home and create something wonderful.

Doors open at 8am April 6th at Impact Thrift of Feasterville.  
If you're one of the first people in line, you are going to get the best swag. so, duhh, get there early.

(please do your best to say that in your best Southern Belle voice. Unless of course that already comes naturally.)

I'm not sure if Phaedra will make it or not, but, I'll have swag for the first 100 guests. (99 if Phaedra comes, 'cause you know how those reality stars are with their swag. I just hope she leave Dwayne at home.)

As of today we are 75% sold out! Wah who!

This shopping event is a carefully curated collection. What does that mean? It means I've taken several trips to Impact's main warehouse (where all the goods come to be cleaned and priced, then shipped out to 1 of their 5 stores). These trips are like Christmas morning for me! You would not believe the treasures people get rid of.
Here's some instagram images from my shopping trips to the warehouse...
I've done my very best to pick all the items that I would use in my own home, just for you!

So, if all this sounds good to you , and you'd like to take part in the vintage madness, register here...

Okay, raise your hand if I should continue on with this wordy post.
Uugh, me too. I'm exhusted. 
So, I will leave you with this.
I will have retail space in a indoor co-op market place starting April 1st. (I typed that really fast, so I image you reading it really fast, like I'm trying to get that last word in before you close your laptop)

More on the store soon...but I'll leave you with a few teasers...


  1. Anonymous3/28/2013

    Can't wait to shop at the Impact Event. Good luck at your space in the Serendipity Shop. Karen

  2. Oh, how I wish I could come. According to Google, you're 6 hours and 4 minutes away from Roanoke, VA where I live.

  3. Awh man. This is SOOO close to me. Too bad its over the one weekend this year I'll be away. ;( *tear*
    Can't wait to see what everyone gets.

  4. Anonymous6/10/2014

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