Philadelphia Home Show 2013

I have finally slept more than 6 hours in a row and I'm ready to re-visit my upcycled room at the Philly Home Show.
If you're new here, and I haven't been beaten you over the head with my home show posts (yet), let me fill you in. The Home Show happens once a year at the Philadelphia Convention Center and it seems to lasat forever. (9 days with 4 days set up). This year I have been asked to create and upcycled room. So I created the dining room below.

It starts with 3 simple walls. And when I say simple, I mean really flimsy and seems every 4 feet.

On the first day we had the custom made reclaimed floor brought in by fork-lifts.

I decided to wallpaper most of the walls in the room.
And thanks to Skip from Decker Wallcovering it went up in a flash.
Sherwin Williams of Springhouse, PA supplied the wallpaper (which I am dying to use in my own dining room now)

The side wall was painted with flat black paint so I could use chalk on it (more on that later).

Since there are seems in the drywall every 4 feet, I needed to do something about that.
I use burlap ribbon and hot glue to solve that.

Below the wallpaper we used metal that had a former life as a roof on a barn.
Looking good so far.

Dash & Albert supplied this gorgeous spring green rug for under the table.

Fast forward about 45 hours, and you get this...

Let me break it down for you. From left to right
Favorite corner - vent from the side of a barn used as a dish rack
vintage shutter, and a fire bell retro fitted onto a vintage metal stool. priceless.

I forgot to mention that I used rope as a chair rail between the wallpaper and the sharp edge of the metal "wainscoting".

Danny's antler collection came in handy as well as reclaimed floor board wood from a construction site I passed.

Another favorite was this railroad cart turned buffet.
Need I say more?

The genius and unfiltered mind and mouth behind all these great finds is Jay. Jay has a show called Abandoned on the NatGeo Channel and several business, J.C.Woodworking and Reclaimed Relics. I could have never put this room together without Jay. A few months ago Jay gave me a tour of all his treasures. I was speechless. And with his carpentry skills and my love of vintage goodies, we were the perfect match to create this dining room.
If you haven't seen Jay in action, check out some of the videos of previous episodes on the NatGeo channel. And, if you like what you see email NatGeo and tell them you're sick of Honey BooBoo and you want more Abandoned!

(he's very shy)

The table Jay made was gorgeous and I'm pretty sure the star of the room. The wood on top is over 200 years old.

The base of the table had a former life as a pommel horse from the Scranton Lace factory.
The table raises and lowers, just like the original pommel would.
It can be table height, counter height, or bar height.

The padded part of the pommel horse became a bench at the side of the table.

Once the padded portion was removed from the base, these gears were exposed.
Jay wanted to keep the integrity of the piece, so he kept the gears and created a lazy Susan to sit on top of the gears.

Gorgeous,  right? There's so much more I could tell you about the table. But, I'll leave that for another post.

As a total bonus, Shawna Robinson, of Happy Chair sent me 2 chairs from North Carolina to feature in my room.
They were the perfect head chairs at the table. If you haven't seen Shawna's work yet, be sure to head over there and check out her chairs. You will want them all!

We added a faux fireplace with this awesome 100+ year old mantel. And with a little chalk, we had a roaring fire in no time.

These vintage thrift store botanicals were just the thing to perch in my gutter above the mantel.

Impact Thrift Stores are a local to Philly Suburd thrift store that has quickly become my go-to store.
I have purchased everything there from wool sweaters, to brass beds, knick knacks and furniture.
They kindly let me shop their stores to accessories my dining room.
My favorite is the miss matched set of dishes I used on the table.

On each side of the fireplace I used vintage windows to simulate, well. windows. ha!
I used plumbing pipes for curtain rods and hung handmade curtain panels made by
Paige Sullivan of Christine Shirley.

These gorgeous panels are made of vintage scarves and hankies. Paige makes them in curtain panels, or shower curtains. Hello! need one of those!

A last minute thought were these shutter yardstick combos that we constructed to hold all our pamphlets and business cards throughout the show.

This little number is our photo booth. While I realize you wouldn't really have a photo booth in your dining room, we made it so we could have interaction with the attendees of the show.
Last year's room was photographed so often, that we decided to add a photo element to the room.
it was a blast and a real hit with visitors.


So there ya' have it. Home Show 2013. I hope you enjoyed seeing how it was put together.
We met so many great people and new friends.
And, if you invited us over for a scrapple fest, we haven't forgotten.

If' you have any questions about any of the products shown here, please comment and let me know.

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  1. love it! the buffalo check is my favorite part!

  2. thanks Cassie! Me too. I hoping to add it to my own dining room!

  3. Wow.! It's all fantastic.

    The metal walls, the mis-matched dishes and that beautiful table. Dang.

    It's all perfect.


  4. I absolutely loved seeing the break down of everything you did. Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous and we are definitely kindred spirits! I have really enjoyed the show cool you get to work with him! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Trish C Mama B2/19/2013

    Wonderful job! So creative. I hope all of your efforts bring lots of business.

  6. Anonymous2/19/2013

    Hi! Just wondering where you came across all of the flowery cups and saucers and plates. Thanks Suzi (Sweet! Bakeshop & General Store)

  7. Oh, wow! So much amazing upscaling!

    I'm loving the chair with the ruffle back. Too adorable!



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