{ Staging a Mantel }

My new year's resolution is to leave well enough alone.
So I'm starting with my mantel. I'd like to set something up in my house. Then leave it alone for Pete's sake!
Uugh! I can not stop fiddling with things around here.
So, I'm setting up my mantel and trying not to change it til summer.

Here's how my brain works when I'm doing a project like this...follow along if you like.
Or heck, just jump straight to the last photo.

If you're still here, here goes.
I start with a clean slate. Remove everything and give the mantel a wipe.

I start with a large item. Like this hunka' wood from behind a friend's barn.

This is how I hang things like the hunks wood. 2 of these and a heavy duty wire strung between them.

I gather bits and pieces of things from around the house.

And I set up a little tool/work station.  You never know when you'll need a fork.

Then, let the staging begin... a collection of books first.

I keep my lap top handy so I can refer to my DIY Mantel page of images I've been collecting. I get great ideas from all my favorite bloggers from here. Sometimes times it's the tiniest little thing that will give you tons of inspiration for your own project.

I even sketch out what I'm thinking sometimes.

I'll often tweet for suggestions while working on projects. Hearing your ideas always gives me a new perspective on things. 

(thanks for the vote to tied up the books ladies ;)

I knew I'd want a pop of color, so this frame is perf.

I'll do my best to leave this part of my house alone.

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  1. I like it, Denise! (But I'm not holding my breath about the "not changing it 'til summer" part!)

  2. Denises your mantel looks wonderful! I am the same way with arranging and rearranging things in my home...I suppose some of us are just wired that way!!! I love your idea of using your Pinterest mantel page for ideas while you are working...that is something I will have to create! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas.
    Wishing you a wonderful day!!
    XO Barbara

    1. thanks Barbara. You have a great day too!

  3. You've inspired me to try new things this year and little by little I'm hoping you'll start to rub off on me. U r amazing lady!!!

  4. Absolutely loving this Denise! -Angela



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