{ Our Den }

It's just a little minute of a room that's really part of the kitchen. At one point in it's life it was a dining room.
And every now and then it's all tidied up and clean. And I feel proud.
So, here's our little den looking clean and fresh as a shinny new penny.


  1. How cozy & inviting...I'd love to rent it for a quiet day. I'd bring a book & want a coffee pot nearby...

    1. thanks Rebecca! Come on over!

  2. Looks beautiful and inviting!

    Mary Ellen
    The Working Home Keeper

  3. Oh, I love how you have it dressed up like a sweet little cottage. It looks so comfy and cozy! :)


  4. so beautiful and warm.....would you share the color on your walls? I love it......

    1. thanks Ande. The walls are Ethiopia by Behr, and the ceilign is silver marlin by Ben Moore

  5. What a cozy, pretty space!

  6. What a cozy place! Your den is so warm and I love the paper flowers! I'd love to see how you transformed your dining room to this inviting den! I just want to grab a good book, some hot cocoa, and curl up with that blanket. BEAUTIFUL!

  7. It's like twilight sleep...isn't it? The little minute between pretty, cozy and clean; and WHAT HAPPENED IN HERE?!
    Your's forever preserved ---you can come back and look at it whenever you wish! (because it's wonderful)
    Mine... I'm looking at thinking. 'Man! I should of taken a picture of it!' :)




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