{ DIY Kindling Packs }

The holiday parties are here. And you can't arrive empty handed.
You've got your bottle of wine. Now, kick it up a notch and bring this charming kindling to your host.

I gathered to following items from around my house.

A few pages of newspaper - opened up and laid out

I added dried rosemary to this kindling packet. But, you could use cinnamon sticks too.

A handful of dried twigs from around the yard.

Some dried pine cones are great in the mix too.

I rolled the ends like a giant piece of candy.

I pinched the ends so I could tie them.

I used burlap to tie the ends,

and some cotton rope on other packets.

I tucked several kindling packets into an old rusty bucket, along with some pine tree cuttings.

I added a cute tag.

Ta-da! You could make a ton in no time. Leave them by you door to grab at the last minute when your heading out to a party or get together all winter long.

Hello. What a great hostess gift, right?
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  1. I love this idea! A natural, practical, yet lovely gift. I think I will do this for my parents for Christmas! Thank you!


  2. Thanks for sharing this creative idea!! I love it.


  3. Great idea Denise! Sure wish I lived in a place that actually got cold enough for a fire! Sinkin AZ sunshine:( LOVE the rusty bucket btw!!

  4. What a clever idea!
    We make fire log starters for our stove. But never thought of make kindling packs.
    love this!

  5. Denise, this is such a sweet hostess gift idea. I love it! I'm sharing a link back in this week's holiday highlights. Thank you so much for sharing your unique idea. I love it!

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