{ The Girl's Bathroom }

Camille and Lucy have their own bathroom. They don't use it.
Ridiculous, right? All the kids squeeze into the smaller bathroom. It makes it easier to fight with each other that way.

I'm determined to change that. Or may be I just like giving myself another project. Either way, here's the plan...
Pretty simple. But a huge step from where it is now. Sorry, not brave enough to show you the "before" shot yet.
There is a stall shower, which I will camouflage with a brown ticking shower curtain from Pottery Barn.

Ticking Stripe Ruffle Shower Curtain

I'll add some girly fluff and get some color started in the room with these towels.

Delphine Organic Bath Towels

The room is extra large, so I want to use a large area rug in the center.

Kas Oriental Chateau Tropica Gold Rug

I also want to add some industrial elements, like plumbing pipes for towel racks.

Industrial Plumbing Pipe Shelf - Double Walnut

I know I'll be making lots of trips to HomeGoods too for giant baskets to hold laundry, towels, and little girl nonsense. The bigger the better, right?

I'll also be replace the current vanity. A little somethin' like this might work well.

So, raise your hand if you're happy this wasn't a Christmas post.

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  1. Love that shower curtain! I hear you on the kids arguing.

  2. That is the exact shower curtain I want! Too bad it is $104. Because I actually want two of them... *sigh*



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