{ Upcycling after Hurricane Sandy }

As I sit in my house waiting for Hurricane Sandy to visit us I'm thinking of all the things that are bound to go wrong with our house.

We never got our gutters cleaned this Fall, let alone added gutter guards to keep them clean. Trouble.
Our bedroom ceiling has sprung a leak. And overgrown trees in our yard are swaying like hammocks.

But, in the gloom and doom of what will/might happen to our house I can't help but think of upcycling projects I'd like to do in the aftermath and clean-up of Sandy.

So, in the thoughts that there might be some of you who are sick of watching weather forecasts, here are some clever projects I found while searching the internet.
With any luck, everyone will stay safe and there will be lot's of discarded items up for grabs for clever folks like us.

Happy Sandy Upcycling!

My first thought, gutters - if your in need of replacements, don't let the old ones go to waste.
Plant a wall garden instead.

When you replace your old gutters, why not get a little crafty with the project - 

If the gutters are still functional, donate them to your local nursery school for some water play.

After your trees fall (hopefully in the right direction) try one of these projects with your scraps - 

and if you're hosting Thanksgiving, you have just hit the jackpot!

unknown source

And, my all time fav...

If we don't loose a tree in this storm, I will drive around looking for tree guys and beg them to cut me these slices.

Once the shock of our bedroom ceiling leaking sunk in, I won't lie. I started to think of what the possibilities could be for our "new" bedroom.  After the ceiling caves in.

Yes, I would really do this to my bedroom ceiling.

Speaking of ceilings. I think I'll paint my dining room ceiling while stuck at home.
The winning color is Silver Marlin, by Ben Moore.

I'll also be adding some grasscloth wall paper to the walls above the board and batten.

If you're new here, you can see what my dining room currently looks like now here.

I hope I succeeded in keeping your mind off the storm for a little while.
If you're on the east coast I hope you are safe!

*added - if a tree must hit my house, I am crossing my fingers that it only takes out a bathroom , or two. With no people in it.  And, if you're wondering what I'd do to that bathroom - check here


  1. Those are the most clever projects using gutters I have ever seen!

  2. Alyson Caplan10/29/2012

    Best post ever! Shared it with official Marketplace Events social media person so hopefully you will see yourself on our FB page or blog!

  3. Tree ring chargers could be cool. Gutters as book holders, not such a great idea.

  4. Love the gutter projects and those shutters on the ceiling!
    Great ideas... and looking ahead. If life hands you gale force winds...make something of the mess afterward!



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