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We love our screened in porch.
Besides the kitchen, it's the most used room in the house for 5-6 months out of the year.
I cleaned it up a bit last year (see that here).

Although we use the table a lot, I was dying to create more of an outdoor living room feel.
So, after some inspiration from Thereasa Surratt, author of Found, Free & Flea.

I set out to create an outdoor room with only items that were found (trash picked or uncovered in my basement, or someone else's basement), free (items frequently left on my doorstep by friends who know "I'll do something with it"), and flea (markets, yard sales, etc.).
It's a fun self imposed challenge and I've found some great stuff along the way.

So, here's a sneak peak of the room so far...

a door I purchased at an auction to cover up the less than
attractive peachy color of our house that I'm not ready to tackle yet.

A swing from our last house that I forgot we had. 
(and it's the biggest hit of the room so far)

And a chair I found at the same auction, power-washed and sprayed black.

So far so good. Waiting on a fresh paint job on the walls...


  1. I love that blue paint colour! I'm rapidly painted everything in my yard in that shade...

    Can't wait for spring weather to arrive :)

    Happy Easter!

  2. It looks inviting and a lovely place to relax. If anyone can pull off 'found, free and flea'...it would be you. And it would look like it was collected over time.

    I've not heard of this event...I'm going to check it out.


  3. ok ...NOT an event. But a book. That is what I get for skim reading!
    Not an event? ...and why not?

    would be fun!

    Found,free and flea, FUN!


  4. I'm hooked already! Can't wait to see the finished product. Have a great Easter!

  5. This type of place give great relaxation. I like this outdoor rooms so much. I like the table so much. keep up the good work!



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