{ Junque Workshop Roundup }

We held our first Junque Workshop recently.

If you're not familiar with our workshops, they are a once a month event where we show you the proper safety and use of power tools and help you design & create unique and functional home decor items.
The workshops take place at Philadelphia Salvage Co. in beautiful Mt. Airy, PA

This month's theme was recycled wood frames.
"Girls Power!"...although the workshops aren't just for girls.

Here's some of the great frames that came out of the workshop.

We used all kinds of old wood.
Barn wood, bead board, vintage studs from demoed homes, scraps, etc...
The supply from Philadelphia Salvage Co. gave us endless possibilities.

These frames were out of this world.
Every one was so creative and each frame was different.  I love the layer look on the yellow and white frame.
I could have taken home each and every one and hung them in my house!

The green frame above has four cup hooks attached to it.
The women who created of this frame is going to hang small buckets from each hook and fill the buckets with chalk for outdoor sidewalk chalk storage.

The frame below has several cups hooks attached to the center to hang jewelry from.

Everyone used the nail gun, miter saw, and other tools you might have never thought you could use!

Even scissors. lol.

Susie was a sport and agree to this pose I made her do...

It was a fun day, and we were so happy to meet some of the faces we only know in blog land!

We'll be updating our schedule soon with some fun summertime projects for our next Junque workshop.
So stay tune for more recycled goodness!


  1. Anonymous4/23/2012

    What a wonderful opportunity! I would love to attend the next one. Please keep me updated.

  2. Looks fun...love how the frames turned out.


  3. Its great fun share here. I have great collection of home decor. You give such useful frames for use in home decor. In summer time home decor is great activity.

  4. This looks like so much fun! Do you have a mailing list? I'd love to be informed of your next workshop in Philly!! staceynicolemcdonald@gmail.com

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