{ Anthro Knock off Shade }

I pretty much love every product Anthropologie sells.
Who doesn't?  The prices, not so much.
So, every now and them I've gotta knock off an idea I see at Anthropogie.
My latest victim, a lamp shade. I love the one above.
But, besides not needing another lamp, I don't need the $98 price tag. (and that just for the shade people!)

So, I set out to recreate the same look for little to no cost...
Here's my simple, cute Homegoods lamp. (with ho humm shade)

Although the shade already had a burlap like fabric on it, I wanted to add my own.
I laid the shade on top of the burlap and hot glued, then rolled, hot glued, then rolled.

I trimmed the burlap after I glued it to the shade.  I wanted it a little messy and crumpled for more texture.
I folded the edge when I got the the seem.

After that, I glued my fabric flowers around the shade. No rhyme or reason, just a natural flow of flowers.
(I also frayed the edges of the burlap around the bottom of the shade for a more distressed feel.

Ta-Da! Here's the side by side...

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  1. This is adorable, love your version, great job!

  2. Love this! I even think your version is better :)

  3. I have GOT TO LEARN how to make those little flowers! I like your shade better too! Love the little flowers and the fringe...it has a shabby wonderful feel to it.

  4. We are kindred spirits ... I embellished an old lamp of mine last year ~ pretty nice if I say so myself. YOURS is amazing.

  5. Very cute! Your embellishments add a lot of life to the lamp! :)

  6. What can't you do? AH-MA-ZING!

  7. Found your blog via "Sew many ways".
    Lovely lamp shade you have made, and a lovely price tag too:) I enjoyed being here...

  8. How pretty is that!

  9. Great job, found you via sew many ways also!! So so pretty!!

  10. Beautiful job. I like yours better - simpler, which I prefer. Question - does the hot glue show through the fabric? (What I really mean is do you need to make sure you glue in nice lines or can you be a bit messy and the project is forgiving enough?) I worry that the light would show the glue lines.

  11. Wow what a beautiful a lamp share with us. You have done best and creative work on lamp. I like this flower so much. You have done great work.

  12. Very nice! I'm not surprised. You're an amazing knock off artist!

  13. I have to try to make one for my house. I love it!



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