{ Finding your style }

It's not always easy to find your style.
Especially when you first move in to your home.
It takes time & tweeking.  And, even then, you'll probably wind up tweeking some more.
This is what my fireplace in my dining room looks like today.
I'm happy with it.  But it took a while to get here.

When we first saw the house, the room looked like this.

I knew right away I wanted to room to be a dining room instead of a living room.
And, I  L O V E  it as a dining room.

At first, I just thought the fireplace needed a tiny bit of color, so I painted it sea salt by sherwin williams.

Something still was just not right. So, I Darkened the back wall and added horizontal stripes.

The stripes worked out great, but I knew the mantel needed to be heftier. 
So, we had a mantel made from old barn wood by John Duffy, from Stable Tables.
getting there...

Then, finally a little before Christmas, I painted the fireplace black.
Donk.  That was it.

Now, the fireplace works well with the rest of the room , and the rest of the house for that matter.
So, it takes a while, but keep tweeking.  i know I always will.


  1. You are one Tweeker! You spent a lot of time on this fireplace and mantel and it is totally worth it! I love the old wood and that you painted the fireplace black. It looks wonderful! I love how you decorated the mantel, too. I have been fumbling along since I took the Christmas things down. Yours is giving me some inspiration!


  2. Looks great Denise. I am getting ready to paint my fireplace too but haven't settled on a caolor yet. IT was great meeting you at the home show. ~Dana

  3. That big dining room table is amazing! Love the mix of chairs too!

  4. I guess that's what I do... I just keep tweeking...cause I'm just never satisfied. I must admit...I am starting to see a more clear picture of how I want things too look. It just takes time.

    Love your dining room, fireplace and table.
    It has a grand-- country living feel to it... very nice.


  5. Hi there! Love your house!

    Btw, where did you get that hanging candle tray above the dining table? I love it!


  6. I struggle with finding my style for sure! We moved into our home this summer and I'm still trying to figure out what to do with everything. I agree it's an evolution. I wish I know what to do with my fireplace/wood-burning stove. I know it's not my style but I don't have a lot of money to fix it up. Anyone have suggestions? Here is an image of it.

  7. Looks good... you know the feeling of going home from a stressful work and relax in front of a fire place like that...



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