{ Scrap Wrappin' }

Recently I was given the job of wrapping a 
set of dishes for a bridal shower.

Since I was happy to not be the one who actually had to 
go out to the store and purchase all these boxes,
I was delighted with my end of the task.

I had an idea to gather all my bits & pieces 
of scraps and do dads and see what I could
come up with.

I'm happy with the results.
And, I hope the bride was too.
{I couldn't make the shower this weekend}

A lot of the items you might recognize from recent
{or not so recent} projects around here.

They were really easy to do.
I use all kinds of things I had sitting around.
Bit's of ribbon, burlap, buttons, hot glue...
It just goes to show you 
what an extra 15 minutes of wrapping can do to a gift!

This one was my favorite.

Can't wait 'till the reception!


  1. I recognize those. Amazing. The gift is the wrapping.

  2. Packaging is everything and those look awesome!

  3. Wow! So beautiful and creative!

  4. I love what you did! I have made a lot of small paper roses, maybe I will make a few larger ones to use for presents. Great idea!

  5. adorable! if i was the bride i would love them! i have a party going on right now if you'd like to link.




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