{ Decorating the Man Cave w/Maps & Thumbtacks }

Honestly, I'm having a hard time with the
Man Cave.
It's still pretty dark & dreary.
Even with it's new floor and freshly
painted dry wall.
Gone is the 1954 Mahogany Paneling.
But, it's just not working.
One problem is the dark wood built ins.
Danny DOES NOT want them painted, 
So I need to figure something out to liven this place up
without it looking like a 
Mom Cave.

Part of my solution...
they're cheap, easy, & 
the colors are
P E R F E C T I O N!

see?  right?
is the ocean not the perfect shade of bluey/greeny?
I MUST color match it and use it somewhere.
Maybe the ceiling in here.

okay, so P.S. ignore the 1997 TV.
also, the maps are attached with thumbtacks.
signed, Getting There


  1. Love the maps...they definitely add a nice punch of color that's not too overwhelming.

  2. The maps do look great and add a touch of colour and lightness. You have some great accessories to work with too.

  3. Oh, you mean the thumbtacks aren't vintage? I thought they went with...{smile}
    I love the maps inside that wall unit-- does the job well enough instead of paint. Great job!

  4. The maps are a must for sure! I plan on using them on an entire wall in my office. Also I might add... I'm so thankful my husband doesn't need or desire a man cave lol.

  5. Ah-haaa...smart thinkin'...LOVE it :) Laurel@chippingwithcharm

  6. Yes! Love those maps!! They add such beautiful color to the wood! Your man def. needs a new TV! Poor guy! haha =)

  7. Whenever I go to the Outer Banks, I stock up on the free maps at the visitor center. I use them for drawer liners in my kitchen and wrapping paper for birthday gifts.

  8. Love this idea. The maps are just the perfect color. We have the same tv in our son's room. I hate but it still works.


  9. Wow the maps really do add a very nice touch. The colors flow so well with everything.

  10. love, the maps really brighten the area. i'm all for painted ceilings, can't wait to see what else you do!



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