{Faux Brick Walkway}

I received so many nice comments about my painted walkway recently, and, some of you didn't even realize that it was painted, so thanks for that!
I also received many questions about it.  So, here's a mini tutorial on it.  It's easy and adds a little fun to the house.  Good luck to anyone who takes this project on at their own house.   And, please send me after pics!

1. I power-washed the walkway and paint it a "cement" color ~
(sorry I don't know the exact color, my cans are so messy, I can no longer read the labels.)

2. I bought 2 colors of brick , one light, one dark. Floor & Patio paint

3. Pour both colors into a paint tray and swirl them together with a paint stick.  You want to create a swirly look, not mix the 2 completely together.

4. Purchase a touch up roller.  They're are around $2.50 in the paint isle.  They are tiny little 3" rollers, and are perfect size for a "brick". (sorry , no pick of the roller, but I trust you know what 3" looks like)

5. Roll your roller around in the swirled up paint, roll it about 5" on the fresh "cement", and voile-la!  A brick is born!

6. It took me several days to finish this project.  So, ever time I pour paint into the paint tray and swirled it around, I got a completely different shade of "brick"...this is a GOOD thing.  you want your "bricks" to have various shades of color.  The more perfect you try to do it, the worse it will look.
So, chill, enjoy the fresh weather, and paint away.  
Ever now and then, I would go back to the previous days work and slap a coat of paint over a few "brick"s.  This will mix up the brick colors a little and make it look more realistic. 
I would also highlight some of the bricks with a coat of the lighter brick color.

oh, and be prepared to look out front of your house and see strangers standing in front of your walkway pointing and talking about the bricks, it's a hoot!
Good luck with your "brick" project, can't wait to see!

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  1. You had me fooled! Amazing transformation.

  2. This is amazing- great job!!!!

  3. Anonymous5/06/2010

    Holy faux paint job! It looks fanfreakintastic!

  4. what an amazing idea! I can't believe how real it looks, you did an AMAZING job! I'm seriously in love! I'm featuring this project on thursday the 5th on crazydomestic.com. Feel free to grab our "I was featured" button!

  5. Wow! You go girl! Thanks for sharing.


  6. I am soo impressed by this! I totally love it!!

  7. Pretty darn amazing and pretty darn pretty!

    Lesli @ BeautifullyCoastal.com

  8. What a great impact you gave to your walkway! Very creative!

  9. What an awesome project! I really want to try this! A couple of questions...a friend mentioned using that type of paint would make it slippery, was that your experience?
    Also, looks like you wrote this post some time ago, how has it held up? Did you find that it faded or flaked at all?
    Thanks for sharing this awesome idea!



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