DIY Gifts to Give and Keep

I recently filmed a segment with Jenn Fred from Good Day Philly called
Jeff Devlin and I share some simple tips to get you through the holidays and capture your inner Martha!
Check it out!

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DIY Rustic Chic Projects

Last week I had a few guests over...
Jenn Frederick from

and Jeff Devlin from the
(click image below to view one of our segments together)

We broke out the chainsaw and came up with some 'clever ideas for decor around the house that you really can do yourself!

The segments we filmed focused on "rustic chic".
What the heck is rustic chic?
Well, it's a little bit of Farmhouse charm mixed with a whole lot's gold, silver and bronze spray paint.
(more on these projects plus in the next few weeks)

Creating your own rustic ornaments

Nothing like a little DIY therapy around the Holidays!
We've been crafting a ton around here.
Last week I filmed a few segments for FOX29 Good Day Philadelphia 
(more on that later this week)

I had tons of wood slices cut for various reasons... and you good craft supply goes to waste. 

So here's what we did with this 2 inch wood slices.
Perfect for ornaments, place cards, or gift tags.

First, we painted each slice with chalkboard paint, then
drilled a hole through the top and added string.

I used one of my favorite art tools...a sharpie paint pen.
(You could also use chalk so that they are reusable)

Add whatever holiday words I could think of that were short.

...and placed them on our blinged out "tree"on the front porch.
(more on the "tree" later)

Get out the chainsaw...more wood slice ideas comin' your way!

Christmas Crafting with Martha

Wouldn't you love to spend Christmas with Martha?
yes...THAT Martha.

Last week I had the pleasure of visiting Martha in her NYC studio to make a Christmas craft with her new collection from Home Depot
Martha filmed her first ever LIVE-Streamed Holiday Event on Facebook

click image to watch the video

Martha was full of great always.
I chose to make the ornament garland, which I have already hung above a window on my front porch.
(and I have a great little idea cooking that would bring some Holiday cheer to tons of families in my neighborhood, so stay tuned for that)

My favorite collection of Martha's is the
it goes right along with the Rustic Glam look I've been leaning towards lately. 
A little rugged, a little glittery.
You'll love it too.
Click the images to shop the look.

you'll also want to check out the
who else could make red, white and blue look so Christmas- y?

My ultimate fav was this metal bow! Gahh!

Isn't it the best?

There's tons more in Martha's Christmas collection.
Be sure to check it out.
Either here or in your local home Depot.
Let me know your fav too!

You can check out more from Martha's blog here 


Meet Denise

Denise Sabia, designer, DIYer and owner of The Painted Home, takes everyday items found in flea markets, thrift shops or simply along the roadside and turns them into unique pieces that freshen and warm your home … without breaking your budget. Denise began dabbling in design over 20 years ago and studied at Philadelphia University. Her client base continued to grow as did her portfolio of work, branching out to decorating entire homes. Denise lives in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. with her 3 kids, a dog, rabbit, 3 chickens, a gecko, and the oldest living hermit crab known to man.


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